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Middle and Secondary Education (5-12) Minor

This minor focuses on the critical importance of broadly defining content pedagogy and understanding how it impacts education in grades 5-12. As part of the process of aligning all middle and secondary-licensure programs this minor will address pedagogy for grades 5-12 in the content areas of Biology, Chemistry, English, General Science, History, Mathematics, and Technology/Engineering Education. You will learn about the subject area, human and social development for pre-adolescents and adolescents. You will be able to use this minor not only to obtain your initial licensure but in other fields that do not require licensure. 

Requirements and Curriculum 

A total of 18 credits is required to complete the minor.

  • Introduction to Education (5-12) OR Introduction to Teaching English
  • New Diversity in Education
  • New Teaching the Adolescent Learner (5-12)     
  • Existing Inclusive Instruction (5-12)
  • Methods of Teaching Mathematics (5-12) I OR Methods of Teaching English (5-12) I OR Methods of Teaching Biology (5-12) I OR Methods of Teaching Chemistry (5-12) I OR Methods of Teaching Science (5-12) I OR Methods of Teaching History (5-12) I OR Methods of Teaching Engineering/Technology (5-12) I
  • Methods of Teaching Mathematics (5-12) II OR Methods of Teaching English (5-12) II OR Methods of Teaching Biology (5-12) II OR Methods of Teaching Chemistry (5-12) II OR Methods of Teaching Science (5-12) II OR Methods of Teaching History (5-12) II OR Methods of Teaching Engineering/Technology (5-12) II