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International Studies Minor Keynote Lecture Series

The following International Studies Keynote Lecture Series speakers have enriched Fitchburg State University and the surrounding community since 2006, building from the important foundation provided by the International Studies Minor Program -- and since 2012, the series combines with speakers sponsored by the Conflict Studies Center.

The emphasis on this International Studies Keynote Lecture Series always focuses on bringing the best Keynote Speakers to the Fitchburg State University campus and providing the greater community with free and thought-provoking presentations.

Students, faculty, staff, administration -- and the greater community -- have the opportunities to interact directly with our International Studies Keynote Speakers and have been treated recently to distinguished Fitchburg State alumni, who've returned to speak to our community.

We're very grateful for the speakers we've had over these years and look forward to more exciting, rewarding, and pivotal speakers -- experts in their respective fields of International Studies.

-- Dr. Joshua Spero, Coordinator of the International Studies Minor Program and International Studies Keynote Lecture Series, and Professor of International Politics.

  • 2016: Ms. Jessica G. Glover (Fitchburg State Class of 2008), International Program Specialist in NASA Headquarters’ Office of International and Interagency Relations -- "What Does Space Have to Do with International Studies Anyway? -- Highlights of NASA's International Cooperation and International Public Service Careers."
  • 2015: Brigadier-General Peter Zwack, United States Army (Retired), Russia-Eurasia Area Expert, Advisor, Consultant, Military Historian -- “Russia Since the Reset: Challenges and Opportunities.”
  • 2014: Ms. Jennifer Kurtinitis (Fitchburg State class of 2004), Manager, Online Disaster Workforce Engagement, National Headquarters, The American Red Cross, Washington, DC – “Disaster Workforce Engagement.”
  • 2013: Ambassador Adrian Basora, Senior Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, Philadelphia, PA – “The Challenges for Post-Communist Democracies: Surviving a Continued Euro-Crisis”
  • 2012: Dr. Monica Toft, Associate Professor, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University – “Resurgent Religion, Global Politics, and Conflict Resolution”
  • 2011: Prof. Thomas Culora, Chairman of the Warfare Analysis and Research Department 
United States Naval War College --
 "China's Growing Regional and International Role"
  • 2010: Mr. Michael Singh, Ira Weiner fellow of The Washington Institute for Near East Policy -- “International Public Service Careers and Challenges"
  • 2009: Dr. Sean Kay, Professor of Politics and Government, Chair of International Studies at the Ohio Wesleyan University -- "Education and Global Security"
  • 2008: Dr. Alan Stolberg, Stimson Chair of Military Studies, Director, National Security Policy Program, Assistant Professor of National Security Studies, US Army War College -- "American National Security and the Transnational Threats of the 21st Century"
  • 2007: Dr. Jessica Stern, Academic Director, Program on Terrorism & Law, Harvard University
  • Lecturer, Public Policy, Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Public Policy -- "The Impact of International Terrorism on the U.S. -- and Beyond"

-- Sentinel & Enterprise -- "Retired General, A Russia Expert, to Speak at FSU"

-- Telegram & Gazette -- "General: Russia 'Moving Backward' -- Former Military Attaché at Embassy in Moscow Fears the New Hard-liners" (PDF)

-- Sentinel & Enterprise -- "U.S., Russia Mired in 'Trust Deficit'" (PDF)