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Looking for an Internship?

If you are a Fitchburg State student and would like to do an internship, follow these steps.

10 Easy Steps to Getting an Internship

  1. Talk to your advisor about types of internships and placements.
  2. Set specific goals with respect to desired skills and knowledge to be gained during an internship.
  3. Work with career services to create a resume. Review the resume with your advisor.
  4. Discuss specific internship sites with your advisor. Send your resume and a cover letter to identified contacts at internship sites.
  5. Set up an interview. Be sure to dress appropriately for the setting and bring another copy of your resume. You may want to bring a portfolio if your advisor thinks it is necessary for the desired internship.
  6. Prepare for the interview by reviewing your goals and experiences. Practice responding to questions that might be asked.
  7. Get to the interview on time and do your best.
  8. Be sure to print out the Internship Handbook (PDF), where you will find important university forms as well as information about evaluation and academic credit.
  9. Work with your advisor to register for the internship and to submit your signed Internship Contractual Agreement (PDF).
  10. Work hard, gain valuable experience, make a name for yourself, and have fun!

*** Remember that all internships must be approved by your academic department. Please check with your advisor and/or your department’s internship coordinator regarding the internship process. ***