Sociology Thesis Abstracts

Katherine Comeau (G.L. Mazard), 2013

The Perceptions of the Efficacy of Mental Health Treatment in Haiti Following the 2010 Earthquake

Haiti’s history of sociopolitical turmoil plus the damaging effects of the recent earthquake increase the difficulty for Haitians to access mental health treatment. My research explores the perceptions of the efficacy of mental health treatment in Haiti after the earthquake in 2010. I examine the strategies used to provide mental health treatment such as traditional methods or western biomedical approaches. I also explore the availability and accessibility of resources for mental health treatment. Data was collected through qualitative interviews with individuals who have knowledge of the treatment of mental health in Haiti and have written on the subject. Interviews were also conducted with Haitian Americans to learn about their assessment of the effectiveness of mental health treatment in Haiti. Results indicate a preference for community support in Haiti. Haitians also rely heavily upon various religious resources for support. Not only is the support of the community and religious leaders perceived as more effective, but these treatment strategies are more sustainable then psychopharmaceuticals.

Regina Dellea-Messner, Kathryn Scott, & Brianne Wood (Joseph Moser), 2012

No, I Will Not Make You a Sandwich: An Observational Study of Girls Pursuing Non-Traditional Female Careers

Our thesis explores the gender gap in both education and the professional world of women in the fields of Science, Technology, Math, and Engineering (STEM). We examine the possible causes for the lack of representation of women in these fields, and follow academic research with observations, surveys, interviews with after-school groups, high school classes and their teachers, and our assessment of programs to encourage women in STEM. Our thesis examines an international and historical issue, and then places it in the context our of region, supplementing research with personal experiences.