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Technology/Engineering Education, Initial Licensure (5-12)

Certificate Overview

Students who hold a bachelor’s degree and wish to become a secondary level (grades 5-12) teacher of technology/engineering education may complete this post baccalaureate licensure program. Once accepted, students will undergo a transcript review by the Graduate Program Chair. A plan of study will be developed that addresses:

  • content courses missing (if any) in the subject that are equivalent to the requirements for the major as determined by the transcript review. Students will complete all requirements of the major and license as identified in the undergraduate program.
  • pedagogy courses identified below in the teacher preparation program (professional courses). When courses are in a student’s plan of study, they will complete the courses at the undergraduate level or at the graduate level if the equivalent course is offered.

Once a student has completed all requirements for professional and content specific courses, they will be eligible for endorsement in their selected field through Fitchburg State University. When the licensure program is completed, students can request admission to the graduate program by completing additional admissions requirements as designated by the department.

Requirements and Curriculum

Technology/Engineering Education (5-12)
Two-Year Course Rotation

Attend a Graduate Continuing Education Information Session

Program at a Glance


Completed applications are reviewed on a rolling admission basis. Admission requirements are as follows:

  • Official transcript of a regionally accredited bachelor’s degree and an overall GPA of a 2.8 or better*
  • Successful completion of the Communication and Literacy portion of the Massachusetts Test for Educators Licensure (MTEL)
  • Professional Resume
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Official transcripts for graduate level course work from a regionally accredited institution (if applicable)
  • Graduate application and fee
  • An essay, no more than one page in length, in response to one of the following questions:
    • Tell us about a positive situation in which you helped a person and made a significant difference in that person’s life.
    • What are the most important factors in establishing a long-term working relationship with students, friends, etc.?
    • Tell us about a significant event that involved you in a teaching or helping mode.
      • Describe the situation as it occurred at the time.
      • What did you do in that particular situation?
      • How did you feel about the situation at the time you were experiencing it?
      • How do you feel about the situation now?
      • What would you change, if anything?


On-campus courses offered in the evenings with some day courses during the summer.

Total Credits

18 - 24 credits

Program Cost

Tuition and fees

Time Frame

While you can complete the program in as few as 2 years, you have 6 years to complete the program.

Program Highlights

NCSS and CAEP/NCATE accredited

Career Opportunities

Massachusetts public school secondary level teacher of technology/engineering education (grades 5-12)

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