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Graduate English Programs

English Teachers, which sounds better?

A summer job every year for some extra cash, OR graduate work that enriches your teaching and moves you permanently up on the pay scale?
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Master of Arts in English Studies
The Master of Arts in English Studies (MA) Program is designed to train students to understand and employ a variety of strategies in literature, research, writing, and teaching. The master of arts program aims to:

  • Promote graduate-level scholarship in the study of literature
  • Encourage the development of a wide range of literary knowledge, including a global perspective
  • Provide a wide range of courses, from Medieval Literature and Shakespeare’s Major Plays to 20th Century Women’s Fiction and Africa Through the Novel
  • Polish and expand writing style and techniques
  • Explore major literary theories and the history of English as a discipline

Master of Arts in Teaching English
The Master of Arts in Teaching English (MAT) Program is designed to develop the scholar-teacher by providing a strong specialization in the traditional and newer canons of literature in English with the theories and methodologies for teaching English in the middle and secondary schools. A licensure track within this program leads to professional licensure as a teacher of English at the secondary level. The Master of Arts in Teaching English program is designed for students interested in studying the theories, methodologies, and materials for teaching English in the middle and secondary schools in addition to broadening their knowledge of literature.

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Career Opportunities

  • Community College or College Teacher
  • Writer
  • Literature or Research Specialist

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