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Graduate Fair

Information for Graduate Schools

Meet the talented students at Fitchburg State University! Personal contact with potential graduate students is one of the best recruitment tools. We want the best for our students and would like our Graduate School Fair to be an opportunity for you to speak to our students about your programs, handout literature, and provide information about your application process.

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Graduate Fair 2018 breakout sessions

Preparing for Graduate School

Andy Linscott, Academic Advisor/Coach

This breakout session will focus on the crucial ingredients that make for a successful Graduate School application, as well as the keys for Graduate School success. Topics covered will include formulating an application timeline, preparing for Graduate exams (GRE, LSAT), creating a C.V., requesting recommendation letters, writing a statement of purpose, etc. We will also discuss the habits and study methods that are crucial for success at the Graduate level.

What to Expect in Graduate School

Shayne Kopolowitz, Academic Advisor/Coach

This breakout session will discuss prioritization, organization and time management. Specifically, how those things may differ between an undergraduate and graduate level education. Additionally, different strategies will be provided in order to successfully tackle those differences.