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Plastics Technology Certificate

Certificate Overview

The university offers a certificate program in Plastics Technology in cooperation with the Nypro Learning Institute at Nypro, Inc. located in Clinton, Massachusetts. Nypro is a world-class leader in injection molding. The program is open both to Nypro employees and to other students desiring to learn about injection molding and the manufacturing process involving conversion of raw material into finished parts and products. Course instructors, approved by Fitchburg State University, have extensive backgrounds in the plastics industry.

Please contact Nypro Learning Institute regarding upcoming course schedules at

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Course schedule details:

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Schedule and Cost

Fitchburg State tuition--$251
Nypro fee--$754
*ALL course payments are made directly to Nypro Learning Institute (includes both the Nypro and Fitchburg State tuition and fees). 

PLAS 1010E Blueprint Reading 3 S.H.  
PLAS 1030E Industrial Electrical Maintenance 3 S.H.  
PLAS 2020E Mold Design 3 S.H.  
PLAS 2040E Hydraulics/Pneumatics 3 S.H.  
PLAS 2050E Injection Molding 3 S.H.  
PLAS 2070E Principles of Supervision 3 S.H.  
PLAS 3060E Polymeric Materials, Design and Application 3 S.H.  
PLAS 3080E Statistical Process Control 3 S.H.  

Total for Certificate

24 S.H.

All courses are completed online using our Blackboard Online Course Management System

Nypro Student Checklist