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AUIA Schedule

2020 Course Schedule

Course Code Course Title Credits
ART 1100E  Art Appreciation 3 c.r.
BSAD 2010E  Introduction to Financial Reporting 3 c.r.
BSAD 3500E  Business Law I 3 c.r.
ECON 1100E  Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics 3 c.r.
ECON 1200E  Principles of Economics: Microeconomics 3 c.r.
HIST 1400E  US History I 3 c.r.
HIST 1500E  US History II 3 c.r.
HIST 1100E  World Civilization I 3 c.r.
JAPN 1001E  Japanese for Beginners I 3 c.r.
MATH 1700E  Applied Statistics 3 c.r.
MATH 1800E  Business Statistics 3 c.r.
MATH 2300E  Calculus I 4 c.r.
MATH 2400E  Calculus II 4 c.r.
PHIL 1000E  Introduction to Western Philosophy 3 c.r.
PSY 1100E  Introduction to Psychological Science 3 c.r.
SPCH 1000E  Introduction to Speech Communication 3 c.r.
PHIL 2550E  Introduction to Ethics 3 c.r.
ECON 3650E  Intermediate Macroeconomics 3 c.r.
ENGL 2025E  Foundations of Professional Writing 3 c.r.
ENGL 2220E  British Literature III 3 c.r.