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Alpha Sigma Lambda

Fitchburg State University's Pi Gamma Chapter of the Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society is proud to acknowledge the academic accomplishments of its evening undergraduate non-traditional learners. Alpha Sigma Lambda was established in 1945 and to this day is not only the oldest, but also the largest, chapter-based honor society for full and part-time adult students.

Three of the 2018 Pi Gamma Chapter of the Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society Inductees Two of the 2018 Pi Gamma Chapter of the Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society Inductees

Welcome to the 2018 Inductees!

Brenda Acero; Vicki Bidleman; Amanda Doherty; Jenni-Ann Enos; Christina Klingensmith Evans; Nicole Geoffroy; Kathleen Gillon; Nancy Gomez; Lynda Goodale; Alan Libby; Robert MacGregor; Karen K. Mages; Jessica Nadworny; Amie Lynn Perry; Elizabeth Rossi; Katie Salerno-Munoz; Christine Warburton.

Current Inductees

2016- Emily Rose Boronski; Bridget Kelley; Donna Rose; Ann Marie Demers; Jill L. Nazzaro; Cecilia Smith; Andrew R. Donais; Todd Rathier; James Steele; Laura Jaggie; Karen Righini; Keyna Thomas; Fiona Mukami Kabue; Shannon Lynn Rondeau; Corrigan Wright.

2015- Kim Beaudry; Allison Haley Coston; Beverly R. Rebelo; Ilene S. Bloom; Ana E. Diaz; Tatiana D. Rock; Ryan Boisvert; David J. Lelievre; Cory Sullivan; Kurt D. Chouinard; Jillian A. Litto; James B. Tripp Pockevicius, Kalie Clayton; Katie Lutz; Patricia C. Wolf; Amber Collins; Guadalupe Ramirez Negrete.

2014- Raymond Beck; Venessa Ann Francois; Jennifer Senecal-James; Thomas Benoit; Michael Leonard; Heather Stacy; Nicholas Chandler; Meredith I. LeShane; Abiel Valdivia; Cynthia Coelho-Rajani; Aileen McGinnity; Susannah Whipps Lee; Barbara Ann Donovan; Steven Moniz; Robert Wilkinson; Russell Esau; Jim Provencher; Danielle Marie Winslow; David E. Field; Kelly Reardon; Kimberly Youkstetter.

2013- Maurice Bracken; Scott Dean Cray; Jamie Manuels; Robert F. Brol; Amy Fleischer; Kevin W. Martin; Edward M. Carll; Sharon M. Gemme; Gary Vasconcellos; Karen Narcizo Cirillo; Christine Hofer; Michael P. Corbett; Sandra Leger.

2012- Bernard Alicandro; Eugene Halbrooks; Lisa Roy; Tanya Baron; Valerie Lagasse; Alyssa Transue; James Bonner; Kimberly Lopes; Angela Ware; Karen Bresnahan; Pamela Marquis; Christopher Gambaccini; Jocelyn Papaefthemiou.

2011- Nancy Assimakopoulos; Judy Logue; Daniel Campanale; James Bagtaz; Roylee Lovett; Claudia DaRosa; Melissa Blanchard; Elmer Ramirez; Roy Doucette; Paul Della Valle; Cheryl Emerson; Amy Rosas; Anderlene Streeks; Lori Bergquist Darling; Geralyn Wheeler

2010- Suzanne Anganes; Patricia Britton; William Collins; Marcela Coronel; Susan Duffy; Cynthia Driscoll; Marites Maclean; Craig Norris; Barbara Perron; Theresa Pfeifle; Julie Ritari; Flordeilenia Salazar; Catherine Tikellis.

2009- Genevieve Bard; Renee Caldwell; Marie Corcoran; Henry Daigle; Suzanne Demers; Jeffrey Dickens; Michael Farrell; JoAnn Garrity; Karen Guenette; Barbara Kurzanski; Bryant Laflamme; Kimberly Lewis; Steven Miranda; Carol Robison; Joanne Romanelli; Rebecca King; Marisol Hernandez; Laurie Berard.

Honorary Inductees

Dr. Thomas Murray (2018); Dr. Annette Sullivan (2016); Professor Linda J. McKay, RN, MS (2015); Dr. Paul Beaudoin (2014); Dr. Lisa Moison (2013); Tom Bissonnette (2012); Dr. Laurie DeRosa (2011); Dr. Elaine Francis (2010); Dr. Catherine R. Canney (2009).

Eligibility Criteria

  • Student must be a Graduate and Continuing Education undergraduate degree seeking student.
  • Student must have earned at least 24 institutional credits at Fitchburg State University (transfer credits cannot be included)
  • Student must have a GPA of 3.2 or higher.
  • The top 20% of this population are eligible for induction.