AUIA Schedule

2021 Course Schedule

Please note: All courses are schedules to run from 7/12 to 8/13 2021

Course Prefix Course Number


Instructor Location Credits
SOC 1100E Introduction to Sociology Patricia Arend online 3
COMM  3600E Photography I J Flynn online 3
CSC 2560E Systems Programming Natasha Kurtonina online 3
ECON 3650E Intermediate Macroeconomics Ozge Ozay online 3
HIST  1400E US History I Laura Baker online 3
IDIS 1800E Global Issues Eric Budd online 3
ECON  1100E Principles of Economics: Macro Adem Elveren online 3
ECON 1200E Principles of Economics: Micro Christa Marr online 3
SPCH 1000E Introduction to Speech Collin Syfert online 3
ENGL 2220E British Literature III: Bronte to Rushdi Aruna Krishnamurthy online 3
PHYS  2400E General Physics II Jiang Yu online 4
ART  2010E Ancient and Medieval Art Teresa Hunter Hicks online 3
ART  1100E Art Appreciation Teresa Hunter Hicks online 3
PHIL  1000E Introduction to Western Philosophy David Svolba online 3
PHIL +DA16:I28 3610E Introduction to Religion Brad Bannon online 3
JAPN 1001E Japanese for Beginners I Ritsuko Sullivan online 3
MATH 2300E Calculus I Benjamin Levy online 4
MATH 2400E Calculus II Nina Sater Fernandes online 4
MATH 1800E Business Statistics Michael Stassen online 3
MATH 3350E Multivariate Calculus Festus Kiprono online 4
PSY 1100E Introduction to Psychological Science Chloe Golden online 3
BSAD 3300E Fundamentals of Marketing John Lohmann online 3
BSAD 3500E Business Law I John Lohmann online 3
BSAD 2010E Intro to Financial Reporting Jie Chen online 3
BSAD 3400E Basic Finance Paulo DeOliveira online 3
BSAD 2020E Managerial Accounting Janet Gelinas online 3
New COMM 2014E Topics: Persuasive Communication  Robert Carr online 3
MUSC 2130E Commonwealth of Modern Arts TBD online 3
PHYS  1100E Physical Science Kyle Anderson online 3