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Massachusetts Teachers Association Course

August 4-7, 2019
Location: UMass Amherst
Instructor: Dr. Ron Colbert

As an MTA Summer Conference participant, you can earn one or two graduate credits for your participation in the conference through arrangements made by the MTA Division of Training and Professional Learning with the Fitchburg State University Center for Professional Studies and the Fitchburg State University Division of Graduate and Continuing Education.


The Summer Conference offers you the flexibility to tailor your professional development experience to your own and guided programs.  The conference presentations will advance the knowledge and skills of educators to use the power of collective voices to promote and protect the ideals of helping students learn and succeed.  There are many quality professional issue presentations that connect to the conference theme. 

The ONE and TWO graduate credit options provides an opportunity for conference participants to reflect on the collective power of unions and how the MTA/NEA strengthens our communities to ensure that educators have the skills and dispositions to speak out for our public education systems.  Both options require a completed assignment to be turned in by September 1.

New or seasoned conference participants will find essential workshops to prepare them for their roles or to hone their skills in leadership.  There is multi-day workshops (tracks) and one-day workshops that run through several days of the conference or through all or most of a day.  Selection of one or more of these means a full commitment to the times listed. There are individual single-session workshops, which run for 1.5 hours, 3 hours or 4.5 hours.  You must plan on participating in the full conference of 24 hours of instruction and participation.


There is no required text.  Varied presenters that will distribute a potpourri of handouts, PowerPoint presentations and recommended readings for individuals develop course content.

    1 Graduate Credit - $210
    CRN: 60573
    Course #: PDMT 6076


    2 Graduate Credits  - $255
    CRN: 60574
    Course #: PDMT 6077

    Register Here

    Deadline to Register: August 5, 2019

    To receive credit, you must:

    • Register with the MTA for the Summer Conference
    • Register with Fitchburg State University for this credit option above.
    • Register with the MTA to attend an on-campus orientation session with a professor, at the available times: Monday at 8 a.m. or Tuesday at 8 a.m.
    • When registering for the MTA Conference, select SCM01 or SCT01 to add the orientation to your schedule.
    • Participate fully in the conference.
    • To earn two credits, you must attend the entire conference for 25 hours of programming, which includes 3 hours of programming on Sunday, 8.5 hours of programming on Monday and Tuesday (including the keynote and evening programs), and 6 hours of programming on Wednesday.
    • To earn one credit, you must attend at least 12.5 hours of programming.
    • Complete all required assignments as outlined in the Fitchburg State syllabus.
    • The course instructor will be in touch with you prior to your attendance at the conference.

    For More information contact us at:
    Center for Professional Studies
    Phone: (978) 665-3636
    Fax: (978) 665-3639