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The ALFA-Bits newsletter comes out twice a year after the Fall and Spring session courses. We could not function without the assistance of volunteers. If you wish to help, please contact the ALFA Office at 978.665.3706. If you would like to submit articles, reviews, artwork, or poems for publication in ALFA-Bits, please forward a copy to


The ALFA-Bytes Quarterly E-Newsletters are a new dimension in ALFA’s effort to keep all ALFAs informed and engaged. We hope ALFA-Bytes will be a useful addition to the ALFA-Bits newsletter mailed in January and June, timely email “E-lerts,” and periodic news updates on ALFA’s website and Facebook page.

ALFA E-lerts

ALFA E-lerts are our way of keeping you up-to-date with information that may be important in a more immediate way. These email alerts are sent out whenever we have immediate information to share.

ALFA-BITS Newsletters