ALFA - About Us

About Us

ALFA stands for Adult Learning in the Fitchburg Area. Originally begun as a program for local seniors, ALFA has since expanded to include participants from over twenty surrounding communities.

ALFA is a Lifelong Learning Institute that offers non-credit daytime courses and special activities designed and implemented by the members of the ALFA in coordination with the professional staff at Fitchburg State.


ALFA provides an opportunity for lifelong learners with similar interests to meet in an informal setting and pursue learning for enrichment and personal growth.

ALFA is sponsored by the Center for Professional Studies and the Office of Graduate and Continuing Education at Fitchburg State University, in collaboration with volunteer representatives of the community. Classes generally will be held in the C-wing of the McKay Campus School located at 67 Rindge Road.


ALFA Board of Directors

ALFA is governed by a 25-member Board of Directors, which includes the following:

  • A five-member executive committee
  • A Fitchburg State University liaison
  • Associate members who advance ALFA’s goals by serving on committees or teaching classes

The Board of Directors meets Every 2nd Tuesday at 2:30pm. For committee meeting dates, please contact the committee chair.

If you need to connect with a board member, please contact the ALFA office at (preferred) or 978.665.3706.

  • Executive: President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer
  • Nomination: Identify and present potential board members
  • Publicity: Distribute brochures, make personal presentations and suggest press releases
  • Curriculum: Develop classes and brochures
  • Meet & Greet: Oversee orientation and class aides
  • Special Events: Arrange group trips
  • Food for Thought: Organize four or more speaker programs
  • ALFA-BITS:    Produce the twice-yearly ALFA newsletter
  • Shirley Pick Spring Series: Organize a one to three-week program to honor ALFA’s founder
  • Remembrance: Send flowers, cards when appropriate
  • *Eric Budd: Faculty Liason
  • Debra Faust-Clancy
  • *Carol DeCarolis: Publicity Committee Chair
  • *Sally Hens: Special Events Committee Chair
  • *Joyce Hinckley: President
  • Catherine Hunter
  • Ross Hunter
  • *Joanne Huse: Secretary
  • *Linda Kennedy: Meet and Greet Committee Chair
  • *Dani Langdon: Curriculum Committee Chair, University Liaison
  • Nicholas Langhart
  • Lisa Moison
  • *Arthur Norman: Acting Vice President
  • Karen Pick
  • Maxine Pincott
  • Steven Pincott
  • Harry Semerjian
  • *Gail Hoar: On leave
  • Jean Miller: *Emeritus

Update June 2020