High School Programming Contest

Students at the High School Programming contest

Fitchburg State University’s Department of Computer Science is pleased to sponsor an Annual High School Programming Contest. Teams of up to four students from area high schools compete as a unit to solve computer programming puzzle problems. Although the low-stakes, high-pressure programming game bears only a little resemblance to engineering in the real world, it is a lot of fun, and many teams return year after year.

We feel that our partnering with local K-12 schools helps promote computer science and prepare the students for professional careers in the rapidly changing field of computer science.

There is no cost for the contest or refreshments!

Next Contest date:

  • Date TBD

To be added to our mailing list for the next contest and for more information about the contest, please contact us at 978.665.3290.

Practice Problems:

Past Winners:

  • Spring 2019 - Milford High School
  • Spring 2018 - Andover High School
  • Spring 2017 - Algonquin Regional High School
  • Winter 2016 - Barrington High School
  • Spring 2016 - Academy of Aerospace and Engineering
  • Winter 2015 - Westford Academy
  • Spring 2015 - Westford Academy
  • Winter 2014 - Westford Academy
  • Spring 2014 - Barrington High School
  • Winter 2013 - Barrington High School
  • Spring 2013 - Massachusetts Academy of Math & Science
1st place Winners of the 2019 programming contest from Milford High School