Supervising Practitioners

We work with a select group of highly competent and motivated mentors. The willingness to accept teacher candidates into their classroom and to guide them during their field experiences is a true model of professional cooperation and commitment to the education profession. Using the Mentor Handbook (PDF) as a guide, supervising practitioners:

  • Serve as both a model and a guide for the educator candidate
  • Develop a collegial relationship to help foster reflective practice together
  • Assign activities, such as assisting in the preparation of lessons, and tutoring individual students
  • Provide educator candidates with access to texts, teacher manuals, and instructional materials for preparing lessons
  • Inform educator candidates of their daily teaching schedule, the specialists’ schedules and room regulations pertaining to their pupils’ activities and schedules
  • Demonstrate lessons, explain procedures and discuss the subject matter to be taught, making clear the type of planning the educator candidate is to do, and outlining the form that the plans are to take
  • Establish regular periods for conference and discussion of teaching progress
  • Evaluate the educator candidate on an ongoing basis, using the Observation forms provided by the University
  • Help the educator candidate evaluate and reflect on his or her own progress

Practicum Dates

Please see the Education Unit homepage for Practicum Dates.


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