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Graduate Programs in Education

Master of Education in Early Childhood, Elementary, and Middle School Education


Program Chair for Elementary and Middle School

Dr. William Cortezia
(978) 665-3489

Program Chair for Early Childhood

Dr. Lyndsey Benharris
(978) 665-3539

Program Advisor

Ms. Ann Hogan
(978) 665-3233

Master of Special Education


Program Chair for Special Education Moderate Disabilities

Dr. Nancy Murray
(978) 665-3770

Program Chair for Special Education Severe Disabilities and Guided Studies

Dr. Anne Howard
(978) 665-3309

Program Chair for Reading Specialist

Dr. Ruth Joseph
(978) 665-3899

Program Chair for Educational Leadership and Management (School Principal)

Dr. Janna Heiligenstein
(978) 665-3477

Graduate Program