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Pre-Law with UMass Dartmouth (3 + 3 program)

Fitchburg State University and UMass Dartmouth
Law School 3 + 3 Articulation Agreement

University of Massachusetts School of Law

UMass Dartmouth Law School


  • Complete both your bachelor’s degree (BS) and juris doctor degree (JD) in six years
  • Save one full year of undergraduate tuition
  • Enjoy the high quality and great value of two public universities
  • Have guaranteed admission to the law school

How it works:

  • Students complete their Fitchburg State University coursework in three years and then use their first year of law school to satisfy their final year of undergraduate work
  • Students must declare their interest in the program by their sophomore year
  • Interested students should contact the Fitchburg State pre-law advisor Dr. Paul Weizer for information

Admissions requirements:

  • Minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0
  • Minimum LSAT score of 150
  • Favorable decision from the joint admissions committee, which includes an interview during the sophomore year
  • Meet all other law school admission requirements

Sample 3-year plans of study*:

Criminal Justice (PDF)
History (PDF)
Political Science (PDF)
Pre-Law (PDF)

* Please note that most majors can participate in this program. Please contact Dr. Weizer for more information.

Fitchburg State/U-Mass School of Law 3+3 Timeline

Freshman Year

  • Fitchburg State Pre-Law advisor meets with students, identifies potential students for 3+3 program

  • Students will sign a form expressing their potential interest in the program-once the form is signed, the advisor monitors the student's progress, assist with picking courses, and answer questions/concerns

Sophomore Year

  • November 1st: Fitchburg State Pre-Law Advisor sends letter to potential 3+3 students inviting them to formally apply for program. Students will have completed 45 credits by the end of the fall semester, will be on track for completing all Fitchburg State requirements by the end of their Junior year, and will have a minimum 3.0 GPA.

  • March 1st: Students submit letter applying to the 3+3 program 

  • April 15th: Fitchburg State Committee reads applicants' letters and files and holds a meeting to decide who is accepted into the program

  • May: Fitchburg State Committee meets with accepted 3+3 students to discuss next steps. 

Summer after Sophomore Year: Accepted 3+3 students tour UMASS School of Law Campus (optional)

Junior Year

  • September or December: Students register with LSAC, take LSAT (ideally students will take the LSAT in September, but they can also take it at a later date)

  • Once the student receives their LSAT score, they will apply to UMASS School of Law. Application fee will be waived. They may apply assuming they meet the requirements-at least 150 on LSAT and 3.0 GPA minimum. When they apply they will inform their advisor, who sends an endorsement letter from Fitchburg State to Admissions.

Senior Year

Student completes first year of law school and completes the necessary paperwork to transfer those courses back to Fitchburg State to complete their degree.