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Earth and Geographic Sciences Faculty & Office Hours

Dr. Elizabeth Gordon

Portrait of Dr. Elizabeth Gordon

Dr. Elizabeth Gordon, an oceanographer, joined the Earth and Geographic Sciences faculty in September 2007. Her research interests include geoscience education, marine biogeochemistry, and climate change. She has involved several students in oceanographic research, and is actively involved with the National Association of Geoscience Teachers.

Professor Gordon teaches courses in Oceanography, Meteorology, Climatology, and Earth Systems Science. She also co-teaches Climate Change and Human History, an interdisciplinary course that was developed with Professor Ben Lieberman (History). She engages students in coursework through field trips and service learning projects. She has also served as an advisor to the GeoClub.

Dr. Jane Huang

Portrait of Dr. Jane Huang

Dr. Jane Huang is a broadly-trained geographer with a specialty in Geographic Information Science (GIS). Her research experience and wide-ranging interests in the application of geospatial technologies has brought many research and internship opportunities to her students in this fast-growing field.

Dr. Huang and her student teams have been awarded multiple interdisciplinary research grants in GIS teaching, research, and community service projects. The topics of the projects range from:

  • Community de-leading
  • Watershed trail surveying and mapping
  • Regional housing market mapping analysis
  • Broadband high-speed internet distribution mapping
  • GPS survey of local traffic congestions
  • Community crime hotspots mapping analysis
  • Urban structure study
  • Regional economic development mapping

Dr. Huang has presented her GIS research projects at both international and local conferences and workshops.

Dr. Bruce Duncan

Portrait of Dr. Bruce Duncan

Dr. Bruce Duncan interrupted a 7.5 year stint as a computer programmer to serve as a volunteer at the 18th St. Neighborhood Center in Wheeling, WV, after which he began his studies in physics.

His PhD (University of Connecticut) was on the production of ultra-cold (~10 µK) rubidium atoms in the 5D5/2 state.

He was a visitor at Union College in Schenectady, NY, before coming to Fitchburg State, where he is now an associate professor. Dr. Duncan has taught general physics, calculus-based physics, and astronomy courses, as well as:

  • Independent Studies in Calculus-based Intro Physics
  • Modern Physics
  • Optics
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Physics of Music
  • Cosmology

In 2015 he stepped down as chair after eight years.

Dr. Reid Parsons

Portrait of Dr. Reid Parsons

Dr. Reid Parsons is a planetary scientist who studies the climate of Mars. He was a postdoctoral scholar at the NASA Ames Research Center in California investigating the formation of river-cut valleys on Mars. “Studying Earth’s neighbors in the Solar System gives you an appreciation for how unique this planet is, and how good we have it,” he says.

Reid’s teaching and research interests include:

  • Planetary Science
  • Earth and Environmental Science
  • Geology
  • Energy & Sustainability

Dr. Jiang Yu

Portrait of Dr. Jiang Yu

Dr. Jiang Yu is a professor of physics in the department since 1996. Her specialty is nuclear and particle physics and physics education.

She regularly teaches physics courses and is active in the physics education area, serving on national committees creating physics exams and setting scoring standards, consulting for organizations such as the College Board and the National Math and Science Initiatives to high school physics teachers on curriculum, instruction, and syllabi matters and audits.

She also regularly teaches summer physics institutes to in-service teachers, and is a juror for the annual United States Invitational Young Physicist Tournament which encourages high school students’ engagement of experimental physics research worldwide.

Dr. Elyse Clark

Portrait of Dr. Elyse Clark

Dr. Elyse Clark is a hydrogeochemist who received her B.S. in Geology and Environmental Science at the University of Mary Washington and her Ph.D. in hydrogeochemistry from Virginia Tech.  Elyse emphasizes hands-on experience in her courses and enjoys bringing students out on field trips and providing opportunities to participate in geoscience research.

Elyse’s research and teaching interests include:

  • Hydrogeology
  • Earth Systems Science
  • Disturbance Hydrology
  • Land Reclamation and Stream Restoration
  • Land Use Changes
  • Water Quality

Professor Tina Morin

Professor Tina Morin is a physics and astronomy instructor with a specialty in building alternative physics and astronomy curricula using realistic computer simulations and hands-on explorations. As a teacher at the secondary independent school level for 25 years, she developed curriculum and outreach programs in astronomy which utilized observations from a facility that she designed and built. Her research interests include exoplanets and Bok Globules-compact, isolated, very cold regions of gas in the cosmos in which star formation may be taking place.

At Fitchburg, she teaches physics and astronomy. Both areas use hands-on experiences as well as computer simulations to explore the concepts studied. The astronomy course uses a free software planetarium that allows students to gain a complete understanding of the night sky when a telescope is not available. She is also regularly involved with a summer Upward Bound program to teach physics and astronomy to high school students in Massachusetts.

Dr. Lawrence Guth

Portrait of Dr. Lawrence Guth

Dr. Lawrence Guth was turned to a life of geology at the tender age of 5 after he was given fossil trilobites and a rock hammer for his birthday.

Since then, Dr. Guth has concentrated his teaching and scholarly activities on the geological sciences. He has taught introductory courses, as well as upper levels such as geology, geomorphology, common rocks and minerals, and map use and interpretation.

Dr. Guth has served as the GeoClub advisor, and as departmental representative to the University’s Learning and Technology Roundtable.

Department Location & Office Hours

Location: Antonucci Science Complex, Condike Wing, SCI 220
Chairperson: Dr. Elizabeth Gordon, SCI 220A or (978) 665-3083
Admin. Assistant: Lindsey Babineau, SCI 220 or (978) 665-3246
Admissions Office: (978) 665-3144 or