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Business Administration - Internships Overview

The Fitchburg State University Business Administration Department Internship Program provides you with an opportunity to gain practical experience in your major field of study. Any student may apply for an internship assignment. Your acceptance into the program depends on the availability of positions, your qualifications, and the department’s ability to monitor the assignment. The Internship Directors, members of the Business Administration Department faculty, are responsible for the planning, organization and implementation of the Internship Program.

Interested students from every concentration in the Business Administration program are welcome to apply. Certain qualifications are required. If you are interested in an internship, we highly recommended that you start to plan for an internship early in your academic career. In order to graduate on time, ensure that you properly plan the process of company or organization selection, interviewing, course selection and other academic requirements. Since internship credit for business administration majors is granted only in programs’ free elective category, ensure that you leave enough free elective credits for this experience.

Man at deskThrough the Internship Program, we strive to create a positive experience for both you and the host company or organization. The departmental Internship directors, in consultation with you and other faculty, are responsible for approving host organizations. Internship sites located at considerable distances from the University are not recommended. If you are aware of a company or organization that wishes to participate in the program, have that company submit a detailed job description to one of the directors for approval. This job description must be submitted one semester in advance of the internship assignment.