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Business Administration - Internship Selection Process

Internship Candidates are required to submit a completed application form, personal résumé, and current degree evaluation Link to Fitchburg State University resource to the Internship Office. After reviewing these documents, an interview will be conducted by the Internship Director.

During the interview, the program requirements will be discussed thoroughly, including a complete explanation of internship assignments, procedures, administration, and grading. All internship candidates must agree to these requirements in advance of placement. Following approval for internship, a letter of introduction and a copy of the student’s résumé will be sent to the host company or organization selected. It is then the student’s responsibility to secure an appointment for a job interview with the company. The host company selects the student of its choice for the internship position. All companies selected to participate in the Internship Program must meet predetermined requirements deemed necessary by the University and the Business Administration Department.

Following the selection of the student by the host organization, a contract letter will be sent to both the student and the company for review. Once agreed upon, the student must sign the contract and return it to the Internship Office. These documents will become a part of the intern’s permanent file.

Internship job descriptions are posted on the Business Administration bulletin board.

Companies selected to participate in the program are pre-screened and meet the criteria as a host company. Keep in mind that companies and organizations should be located within a reasonable distance of the University in order to facilitate faculty visitations.