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Business Administration - Internship Objectives

The Internship Program is structured to give you an opportunity to apply knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom to the activities of the corporation. Considerable care is taken to ensure that your work experience is clearly related to your coursework and major field of study. It is hoped that the internship experience will enhance your total university experience by forging a link between conceptual and applied knowledge of the major field of study. Ideally, the training and experience that you gain as a result of the internship can be valuable in two ways. First, the experience could give you a competitive advantage when searching for a permanent position. Many employers seek students with a higher education who have also acquired meaningful on-the-job training prior to graduation. In some cases, internships can lead to full-time employment with the host firm. Second, the internship experience can enable you to see various career opportunities and to clarify your own career objectives.