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Business Administration - Internship Assignments & Grading Policy

Each intern will be under the overall supervision of the Director. Regular communication between the intern, host company, and Internship Director will be required. The ultimate responsibility to complete the program and properly communicate with the Internship Office rests with the student.

Internship Requirements

  1. Mid-Term Evaluation: 25% of grade.
  2. Final Evaluation: 25% of grade.
  3. Weekly Journal Entries: 25% of grade.
  4. Internship Report: 25% of grade.
  5. Exit Interview

Performance evaluations (PDF) (50% of total grade) must be conducted by the employer at the mid-term and end of the semester. The Internship Director will conduct at least one site visitation at the end of the semester. Grading of the internship report and performance evaluations will be consistent with the standards set forth in a regular classroom. In addition, such evaluations will reflect the academic policies of Fitchburg State University and the Business Administration Department. An exit interview with the Internship Director, though ungraded, is a formal requirement of the internship and must be completed before a grade is reported to the registrar. Time and date will be arranged for mutual convenience of the Internship Director and the intern at the end of the semester.

Internship Grading Policy

The Internship Program uses the Fitchburg State University grading scale. Link to Fitchburg State University resource