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Business Administration - Internship Application Process

Before you apply to the Day Internship Program, contact Dr. Michael Greenwood in Sanders 104-S, Internship Director, for a full review of your academic records.

The internship application process should be completed at least one semester prior to placement. You are encouraged to visit the Internship Office to discuss the program and application process. Timely submission of all required documents will maximize the possibility of successful placement as an intern.


  1. Complete an Internship Program Application Form (PDF).
  2. Submit the completed application form along with a curriculum check sheet and a résumé to the Internship Director. If you need assistance with writing a résumé, contact the Career Services Office. Link to Fitchburg State University resource
  3. Review the listings and descriptions of available internships.
  4. When your internship file is complete, arrange for an interview with the Internship Director. Successful entry into the internship program is based on specific selection criteria.
  5. If you are approved for an internship, the Internship Director sends a letter of introduction and a copy of your résumé to the company or organization you are applying to for internship.
  6. Arrange to meet with the appropriate supervisor at the company or organization you have applied to.
  7. If selected for internship by the company or organization, a “contract” letter will be sent to both you and the company or organization involved.
  8. Communicate with your advisor and ensure your course scheduling provides for timely graduation.
  9. Meet with the Internship Director before your internship starts to review the requirements of the internship and to answer any questions you might have.
  10. You must communicate with the Internship Office at least once every two weeks, by telephone or in person.
  11. Schedule one visit, at the end of the semester, for the Internship Director to meet with your immediate supervisor.
  12. Submit your internship report to the Internship Director at least one week before the last day of regularly scheduled classes of the semester.
  13. Schedule your exit interview with the Internship Director to take place during final examination week.

Note: The success of any internship rests primarily with the intern. It is expected that the intern will demonstrate good judgment and keep the Internship Director informed on a regular basis.

For additional information regarding the application process, contact the Business Administration Internship Office in Sanders 104-S.