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AUC Membership 2017-2018

All University Committee (a.k.a. AUC):

Matthew Badagliacca (Student Representative)
Laura Bayless (Vice President for Student Affairs)
DeMisty Bellinger-Delfeld (English Studies)
Catherine Canney (Secretary) (Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs)
Alberto Cardelle (Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs)
Christine Dee (Economics, History, & Political Sciences)
Laura Garofoli (Psychological Science)
Sara Levine (Psychological Science)
Aisling O'Connor (Biology/Chemistry)
Katie Ross (Student Representative)
Thomas Satham-Fisette (SGA President) (Student Representative)
Peter Staab (Chair) (Mathematics)
Kisha Tracy (English Studies)
Amy Wehe (Mathematics)

All University Curriculum Committee:

Sara Levine Convening:
Franca Barricelli (Dean of Arts & Sciences)
Soumitra Basu (Industrial Technology)
Catherine Buell (Mathematics)
Andrew Chan (Business Administration)
William Cortezia (Education)
Rala Diakite (Humanities)
Linda Dupell (University Registrar)
Steven Fiedler (Biology/Chemistry)
Cheryl Goldman (Psychological Science)
Bruno Hicks (Dean of Education)
Timothy Hilliard (Exercise & Sports Science)
Wendy Keyser (English Studies)
Mathangi Krishnamurthy (Biology/Chemistry)
Nirajan Mani (Industrial Technology)
Pamela McCafferty (Assistant Vice President for Institutional Research & Planning)
Kevin McCarthy (Communications Media)
Megan Ramsbottom (Student Representative)
Charles Roberts (Chair) (Communications Media)
John Schaumloffel (Dean of Health & Natural Sciences)
Connie Strittmatter (Library)
Heather Urbanski (English Studies)
Joseph Wachtel (Economics, History, & Political Science)
Eliana West (Student Representative)

Academic Policies Committee:

DeMisty Bellinger-Delfeld Convening:
Daneen Deptula (Psychological Science)
Stephen Goldstein (Communications Media)
Beverley Hollingsworth (Business Administration)
Robert Hynes (Director/Assistant Dean of Student Support Services)
Walter Jeffko (Chair) (Humanities)
Katherine Jewell (Economics, History, & Political Science)
Ruth Joseph (Education)
Kaela Martinez-Niemela (Student Representative)
Irene Martyniuk (English Studies)
Mary Beck McKenzie (Assistant Vice President for Finance & Administration)
Zachary Miner (Behavioral Sciences)
Lisa Moison (Director of Center for Professional Studies & Extended Campus Programs)
Mahadev Nadimpalli (Computer Science)
Sherry Packard (Library)
Billy Samulak (Biology/Chemistry)
Thomas Sathem-Fisette (Student Representative)
John Sylvia (Communications Media)
Katrina Syrakos (Student Representative)
Deborah Stone (Nursing)
Elisabet Takehana (English Studies)
Jiang Yu (Earth & Geographic Science)
Abdulkeni Zekeria (Mathematics)

Student Affairs Committee:

Kisha Tracy Convening:
Jonathan Amakawa (Communications Media)
Crystal Anneke (Student Representative)
Jay Bry (Vice President for Finance & Administration)
Sean Goodlett (Interim Dean of Library & Academic Support Centers)
Riley Grinkis (Student Representative)
Jonathan Harvey (Humanities)
Robert Hynes (Director/Dean of Student Support Services)
Keyvan Karbasioun (Humanities)
Llaquelin Miguel (Student Representative)
Kristen Murphy (Director of Housing & Residential Services)
Les Nelken (Communications Media)
Henry Parkinson (Chair) (Associate Dean of Student Development)
Donald Tarallo (Communications Media)
Steven Tully (Student Representative)