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Faculty Research Symposium and Celebration of Faculty Excellence Ceremony

Agenda - Faculty Research Symposium (PDF)
Agenda - Celebration of Faculty Excellence Ceremony (PDF)
Faculty Awards

Faculty Research Symposium Presentations:

Understanding Changes in Redistribution Preferences and Confidence in Government in a Changing Political Economy (PDF)
Dr. Christa Marr, Assistant Professor, Economics, History, & Political Science

History, Memory, and National Narratives as a Barrier to Reconciliation (PDF)
Dr. Eric Budd, Professor, Economics, History, & Political Science

We the People: The 500-Year Battle Over Who Is An American (PDF)
Dr. Benjamin Railton, Professor, English Studies

Modeling Threats to Diamondback Terrapins in a Coastal Carolina Salt Marsh (PDF)
Dr. Benjamin Levy, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Dr. John Ludlam, Associate Professor, Biology/Chemistry
Ms. Kristen Ann Windoloski, Alumni & Class Valedictorian 18', Mathematics Major

Designing Disease-Oriented Student Research Projects: Identifying Therapeutics for a Rare Form of Muscular Dystrophy (PDF)
Dr. Eric Williams, Assistant Professor, Biology/Chemistry

Novice Teachers Navigating Tensions in Identity - Key Findings from a Recent Qualitative Study (PDF)
Dr. Katharine Covino, Assistant Professor, English Studies

Experimental Teaching (PDF)
Dr. NiNa Sater Fernandes, Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics

A Decade of Disruption: The Narratologist View of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (PDF)
Dr. Heather Urbanski, Associate Professor, English Studies

Smartphones, Grounds, Satellites, UAVs for Earthquake Nowcast (PDF)
Dr. Hong Yu, Assistant Professor, Industrial Technology

Migration to Massachusetts: Economic Opportunity for Italian Southbridge, 1910 - 1945 (PDF)
Dr. Teresa Fava Thomas, Professor, Economics, History, & Political Science

Molecular Probes Used to Elucidate the Thermodynamics of Nanoparticle Diffusion (PDF)
Dr. Steven Fiedler, Assistant Professor, Biology/Chemistry

Addressing Fake News and Misinformation In and Out of the Classroom (PDF)
Ms. Renee Fratantonio, Assistant Librarian, Library
Dr. Kyle Moody, Assistant Professor, Communications Media
Dr. J.J. Sylvia IV, Assistant Professor, Communications Media
Dr. Wafa Unus, Assistant Professor, English Studies