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Development Day - September 4, 2018

"Diversity, Inclusion, and Student Success: Expanding Opportunities for Our Students"

Detailed Agenda (PDF)


Concurrent Sessions I

Understanding and Supporting the Social and Academic Needs for First Generation Students (PDF)
Dr. Randall Grometstein, Professor, Behavioral Sciences and Mr. Jason Smith, Director of Expanding Horizons

Incorporating Universal Design for Learning in Higher Education Classroom Setting (PDF)
Dr. Karen DeAngelis, Assistant Professor, Education and Dr. Ruth Joseph, Assistant Professor, Education

Microaggressions in the College Classroom (PowerPoint)
Dr. Lyndsey Benharris, Assistant Professor, Education and Dr. Danette Day, Assistant Professor, Education

Concurrent Sessions II

Overcoming Conflict in the Classroom (PDF)
Dr. Mark Williams, Assistant Professor, Behavioral Sciences

Classroom Tools to Defuse Student Resistance (PDF)
Dr. Janna Heiligenstein, Assistant Professor, Education

Supporting Students with Invisible Disabilities in the Classroom (PDF)
Ms. Katrina Durham, Director of Disability Services, Dr. Kori Ryan, Assistant Professor, Behavioral Sciences, and Dr. Christine Shane, Department Chair and Associate Professor, Behavioral Sciences

Foreign Languages as a Vehicle of Communication and Cultural Awareness (PDF)
Dr. Karina Bautista, Assistant Professor, Humanities and Dr. Rala Diakite, Professor, Humanities

Concurrent Sessions III

Strategies for Supporting Students on the Autism Spectrum (PDF)
Strategies to Support Students with Executive Functioning and Theory of Mind Deficits (PDF)
Dr. Nancy Murray, Associate Professor, Education and Dr. Robert Shapiro, Assistant Professor, Education

Understanding and Supporting the Social and Academic Needs of Male Students of Color (PDF)
Dr. William Cortezia, Assistant Professor, Education and Dr. Diego Ubiera, Assistant Professor, English Studies

Resistance as a Relational Variable (PDF)
Dr. John Hancock, Professor, Behavioral Sciences and Dr. Lynne Kellner, Professor, Behavioral Sciences

Aligning Your Syllabus with a Culture of Caring (PDF)
Toward a More Inclusive Syllabus (PDF)
Dr. DeMisty Bellinger-Delfeld, Associate Professor, English Studies, Dr. Katy Covino, Assistant Professor, English Studies, Dr. Kisha Tracy, Associate Professor, English Studies, and Dr. Heather Urbanski, Associate Professor, English Studies