AUC Membership 2013-2014

All University Committee (a.k.a. AUC)

Robin Bowen (Executive Vice President/Provost)
Stanley Bucholc (Dean of Student and Academic Life)
Abigail Cochran (Class of 2017 Representative)
Petri Flint (Humanities)
Elizabeth Gordon (Geo/Physical Sciences)
Nathan Gregoire, Vice Chair (Student Trustee)
Gerald Higdon (Mathematics)
Linda LeBlanc (Library)
Michael Nosek, Chair (Biology/Chemistry)
Mallory-Anne Perron (President of SGA)
Benjamin Railton (English Studies)
Rene Reeves (Economics/History/Political Sciences)
David Weiss (Behavioral Sciences)
Paul Weizer, Secretary (Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs)

All University Curriculum Committee

Convened by: Gerald Higdon

Marcel Beausoleil (Behavioral Sciences)
Brian Bercier (Associate Dean, Graduate and Continuing Education)
Christopher Cratsley (Director of Assessment)
Linda Dupell (Registrar)
Felicia Farron-Davis (Education)
Michael Greenwood (Business Administration)
Cheryl Goldman (Behavioral Sciences)
Lisa Grimm (Biology/Chemistry)
Pamela Kathleen Hill (Fall 2013)
Denise LaFrance (Education)
Pamela McCafferty (Dean of Enrollment Management)
Kevin McCarthy (Communications Media)
Linda McKay (Nursing)
Margorie Ness (Humanities)
Nicole Pelzer (Student Representative)
Audrey Pereira, Vice Chair (Business Administration)
Megan Pierce (SGA Treasurer)
Charles Roberts, Chair (Communications Media)
Bruce Romano (Mathematics)
Daniel Sarefield (Economics/History/Political Science)
Jason Simon (Library)
Annette Sullivan (Spring 2014)
Kisha Tracy, Secretary (English Studies)
Susan Wadsworth (Humanities)
Adam Wilbur (Class of 2017 Representative)

Academic Policies Committee

Convened by: Linda LeBlanc

Jonathan Amakawa (Communications Media)
Mary Baker (Communications Media)
MaryAnn Barbato (Mathematics)
Natalie Bergh (Student Representative)
William Cummings (Director of Student Conduct)
Daneen Deptula (Behavioral Sciences)
Peter Hogan (Behavioral Sciences)
Beverley Hollingsworth (Business Administration)
Walter Jeffko, Chair (Humanities)
Katherine Jewell, Secretary (Economics/History/Political Science)
Samantha Kaplan, Vice Chair (Class of 2016 Representative)
Ronald Krieser (Biology/Chemistry)
Mathangi Krishnamurthy (Biology/Chemistry)
Sue Lauder (Athletics and Recreation Services)
Claire McAndrew (Mathematics)
Nancy McLaughlin (Enrollment Management)
Sally Moore (Humanities)
Angela Nastasee-Carder (English Studies)
Jessica Niles (Class of 2014 Representative)
Reid Parsons (Geo/Physical Sciences)
Elisabet Takehana (English Studies)
Nancy Turnbull (Library)

Student Affairs Committee

Convened by: Stanley Bucholc

Andrew Chan (Business Administration)
Bradley Cohrs (Athletics and Recreation Services)
Raylander DaSilva (Class of 2015 Representative)
Ashleigh Dube (Class of 2016 Treasurer)
Allison Gough (Class of 2016 Secretary)
Jessica Greenbaum (Class of 2017 Representative)
Robert Hynes (Assistant Dean of Student Support Services/Director of Counseling Services)
Asher Jackson (Library)
Megan Krell (Behavioral Sciences)
Thomas Meade (Communications Media)
Doriana Motta (Class of 2017 Secretary)
Kristin Murphy (Housing & Residential Life)
Henry Parkinson (Assistant Dean of Student Development)
Barbara Powers (Nursing)
Michael Shanley (Executive Assistant to the President)