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Online FAQs

Q: How do online courses work?
A: Online courses at Fitchburg State University are held completely online through Blackboard, our online learning management system. As a student you access and complete all your work in an online setting with a very user friendly interface.

Q: Where do I go to access the course?
A: The web address for all courses is blackboard.fitchburgstate.edu. As a student, you are given a username and password to access the courses in which you are enrolled.

Q: How often do I need to be online?
A: One of the biggest advantages of online learning is that you can access the course at whatever times are most convenient for you. The answer to how often depends on you, but it is recommended to stay involved throughout the week.

Q: Are there set times to be online for class?
A: Typically there are not set times. This is what we refer to as asynchronous learning. You access the course at times that are most convenient for you. However, you will have a schedule to keep so that the course has structure. For example, the assignments and activities might have weekly deadlines. This depends on the instructor’s format for class and will be clearly identified.

Q: Is prior computer experience necessary to enroll in an online distance learning course?
A: Yes. A working knowledge of and experience with computer applications is recommended prior to enrollment in online distance learning classes.

Q: What types of support do I have?
A: A lot! There is technical support from our Information Technology Helpdesk available 24/7 at 978.665.4500. There is a Director of Distance Education available via email or telephone at ncheloni@fitchburgstate.edu or 978.665.3354.

Q: How do I register?
A: You can register for online courses the same as traditional courses. Registration details are available through the registrar.

Q: I have forgotten my username and password to log-in, what can I do?
A: If you contact the IT Helpdesk, they can assist you with your account. The number for the IT Helpdesk is 978.665.4500.

Q: I have my username and password but I am unable to access my course, what can I do?
A: Again, please contact the IT Helpdesk as they can access your account and see what the problem is and help you to resolve that problem.

Q: What is new about the graduate Special Education programs?
A: Please visit the Graduate Special Education FAQs page to access information on the updated Special Education programs.