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Strategic Planning Membership

Executive Planning Council (EPC)

  • Paul Weizer, interim Vice President for Academic Affairs (Chair)
  • Jay Bry, Vice President of Finance and Administration (Vice Chair)
  • Stanley Bucholc, Dean of Student and Academic Life/Dean of Business and Technology
  • Jane Fiske, Interim Dean of Arts and Sciences
  • Aruna Krishnamurthy, Associate Professor, English Studies
  • David Rice, Assistant Professor, Exercise and Sports Science
  • Martin Connors, Jr., Board of Trustees
  • Michael Mahan, Board of Trustees
  • Sherry Horeanopoulos, Information Technology (APA Representative)
  • Robert Antonucci, President, ex officio
  • Anthony Wilcox, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Research, ex officio
  • Pamela McCafferty, Assistant Vice President and Dean of Enrollment Management, ex officio

Strategic Planning Committee (SPC)

  • Catherine Canney
  • Cathleen Daggett
  • Jane Fiske (Chair)
  • Sean Goodlett
  • Michael Greenwood
  • Nathan Gregoire
  • Randall Grometstein
  • Christopher Hendry
  • Margaret Hoey
  • Jannette McMenamy
  • Jessica Murdoch
  • Henry Parkinson
  • James Roger
  • Christine Shane
  • Annette Sullivan
  • Stephen Swartz
  • Kisha Tracy
  • Karen Valeri
  • Elizabeth Walsh
  • Paul Weizer

Strategic Planning Working Groups

Chaired by Jane Fiske (EPC/SPC)

Academic Planning

  • Catherine Canney
  • Randall Grometstein (Chair)
  • Lisa Gim
  • Jeff Godin
  • Linda LeBlanc
  • Jannette McMenamy
  • Christopher Picone
  • Skarlet Ramirez (Student Representative)
  • Samuel Tobin
  • Michael Turk

Academic Values

  • Marcel Beausoleil
  • Petri Flint
  • Margaret Hoey (Chair)
  • Robert Pijewski (Student Representative)
  • Benjamin Railton
  • René Reeves
  • Annette Sullivan

Admissions and Marketing

  • Mary Baker
  • Meledath Govindan
  • Michael Greenwood (Chair)
  • Lynne Kellner
  • Jessica Murdoch
  • Michael Papanikolaou (Student Representative)
  • James Roger
  • Jennifer Trocquet (Student Representative)


  • Robert Carr
  • Christopher Hendry
  • Daniel LaFond (Student Representative)
  • Renee Scapparone
  • Joshua Spero
  • Elizabeth Walsh (Chair)

Financial Structure

  • Cathleen Daggett
  • Sean Goodlett (Chair)
  • Timothy Hilliard
  • Shylah Maloney (Student Representative)
  • Michael Nosek
  • Audrey Pereira

Student Services

  • Rala Diakite
  • Cheryl Goldman
  • Nathan Gregoire (Student Representative)
  • Megan Krell
  • Henry Parkinson
  • Christine Shane (Chair)
  • Alexandra Valdez (Student Representative)
  • Karen Valeri (AFSCME Representative)


  • Jennifer Lyons (Student Representative)
  • Charles Roberts
  • Jason Simon
  • Peter Staab
  • Stephen Swartz
  • Kisha Tracy (Chair)