ideaLab event will discuss student-community connections

August 21, 2019
ideaLab event will discuss student-community connections

ideaLab HackFitchburg discussion
The ideaLab at Fitchburg State University’s theater block at 717 Main St. will host its second #HackFitchburg event from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Monday, Sept. 23, bringing community stakeholders together for a fun-filled brainstorming activity. The event will focus on how to create strong student-community connections in Fitchburg.

At each #HackFitchburg event, attendees are invited to tackle a single question, such as how might we best activate public space downtown to support the community? Groups discuss, brainstorm, and generate a project concept all in the short time of the event (usually while enjoying popcorn from Strong Style Coffee). This rapid project conceptualizing leads to ideas that range from hilariously creative to incredibly practical. Concepts generated at last June’s #HackFitchburg event are still being explored for implementation.

“These events bring people together and make conversations about community development engaging through active brainstorming,” said Joshua Croke, a consultant working with Fitchburg State at the ideaLab. “It also provides opportunities for residents to be directly involved in sharing their ideas for their neighborhoods and the communities of which they are a part.”

Fitchburg State purchased the Main Street theater block in 2016. The first stages of renovation included the creation of the collaborative space known as the ideaLab, where students, faculty, residents, and other stakeholders can come together to explore interests, access resources, and tackle challenges in pursuit of solutions.

This event is free and open to the community. Early registration is encouraged.

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