Falcons abroad this summer

June 3, 2019
Falcons abroad this summer

Studying abroad is more than just a life-changing experience. It provides essential perspective for today’s global citizens while offering a unique and personalized experience for your resume.

All students at Fitchburg State have the opportunity to study abroad through our short-term faculty-led programs, partner exchange universities, or provider-led programs.

Here are some highlights of the faculty-led programs that have run so far in 2019:

Spring Break 2019 Faculty-Led Heart of Europe Program
Students in the 2019 Heart of Europe program

This “Heart of Europe” trip is part of our “Europe Today” Political Science/History course, and also expands our partnership with European students and faculty at Rhine-Waal University. Students from both campuses participate in workshops on US-European relations and develop a cooperative university-to-university research project. 

Students also decompress with Europe’s wonderful café culture, and touring such significant, historic, and monumental European sites as the International Court of Justice, Anne Frank House, Rhine-Waal University, the German state Parliament in Northwest Rhineland, the Worringen 1288 battlefield, the European Union, Jagiellonian University, Wieliczka Salt Mine, Oskar Schindler’s Factory, and Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum.

Tropical Ecology Course to Costa Rica
Students and faculty in the 2019 Tropical Ecology Course to Costa Rica

Sixteen of our students have recently returned from Costa Rica on a “Tropical Ecology” course led by Professor Chris Picone. Students experienced first-hand what they learned previously in the classroom, traversing rainforests, cloud forests, dry forests, and agricultural systems. They also participated in a sustainable service-learning project while engaging with the local community.

Spring Break 2019 Global Public Health Program to Costa Rica

Students and faculty in the Global Public Health Program in Costa Rica

Professor Deborah Benes and Professor Deborah Stone led a group of twelve nursing students to San Jose to learn and compare the Costa Rican Health Care System with our own.

This "Global Public Health" course had students observe the impacts of social, cultural, physical, political, and economic determinants of health as analyzed in a global context. The group assisted in pediatric and geriatric health care clinics, heard from medical professionals, were exposed to medical Spanish, participated in a community health care, and more.

Summer 2019 Faculty-Led program to Italy
Students and faculty in the Faculty-Led Italy program

Twenty students are currently in Verona, Italy with Professors Daniel Sarefield and Peter Laytin. The “Life in The Roman City” and “Italian Vision” courses allow students to spend one month exploring aspects of ancient Roman society and gain control of the photographic medium.

Summer Game Design Program to Japan
Students and faculty in the Game Design Program to Japan

Game Design students are currently in Japan with Professor Jon Amakawa as part of the “Game and Arts in Japan” course, which explores contemporary arts and culture in Japan with an emphasis on the three pillars of Japan’s modern culture: video games, anime and manga. These contemporary art forms are examined within the context of the country’s tradition of design, visual arts and culture in order to gain a better understanding of Japanese game art aesthetics.

No matter your major, the Office of International Education is always available to discuss incorporating study abroad opportunities into a student’s academic studies. Students and parents can check the Office of International Education website for the most up to date information on all of our programs abroad. Specific questions can also be directed to the office via email or by calling 978.665.3089.

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