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Futures Committee

The following information is historical data from the 2009 strategic planning process.

Final Report

Mission Statements

Meeting Dates

  • December 15th, Miller Oval Room
  • December 22nd, G07
  • January 12th, G07
  • January 26th, President’s Conference Room
  • February 2nd, President’s Conference Room
  • February 18th, President’s Conference Room
  • March 2nd, Alumni Center
  • March 18th, President’s Conference Room
  • March 30th, President's Conference Room
  • April 15th, President's Conference Room
  • April 22nd, President's Conference Room
  • April 27th, President's Conference Room
  • May 6th, President's Conference Room
  • May 11th, President's Conference Room
  • June 4th, President's Hall
  • July 9th, President's Hall

Planning Documents

Futures Advisory Committee Members


  • Shirley Wagner, Chairperson
  • Michael Fiorentino, Jr.
  • Pam McCafferty
  • Sheila Sykes


  • Peter Hogan
  • Patrice Gray
  • Sean Goodlett
  • Paul Weizer
  • John Chetro-Szivos


  • Linda Fazio


  • Ian Murray


  • Eric Gregoire


  • William Flynn

To contact the Futures Committee, email