University Assessment Research Committee (UARC)

The University Assessment Research Committee (UARC) sustains and improves the institution’s academic programming, accreditation requirements and overall performance, through a systematic approach to assessing student learning outcomes, student success measures and institutional performance measures.

The UARC’s charge is to work, in collaboration with the Office of Institutional Research and Planning (OIRP), and Academic Departments to:

  • Review, continuously monitor, and facilitate analysis of university-wide data that will improve institutional performance;
  • Facilitate departmental and program level student learning assessment activities that sustain regional (i.e., NECHE) and discipline specific professional accreditation;
  • Facilitate departmental level performance assessment activities that will improve institutional performance (UARC members will be their departmental assessment representatives and assist Chairs in completing assessment reports);
  • Support OIRP research designed to document, measure, and assess the university’s comprehensive and ongoing LA&S program, as needed;
  • Identify and recommend assessment-related professional development opportunities for the university community to support the assessment of university programs;
  • Champion assessment culture across the institution and Inform FSU faculty and staff of assessment-related tasks and deadlines critical for the continuous improvement and assessment of programs, departments, colleges, and the University.
  • Review and provide feedback on campus-wide assessment reports (MS Word) using a rubric (MS Word)

UARC membership reflects constituencies across Academic Affairs in order to promote collaboration, communication, and collegiality regarding university-wide assessment measures. UARC is composed of the following representatives and serve for a two year appointment.

  • Academic Dean (1)
  • Assistant Vice-President for Institutional Research and Planning (1) (Chair)
  • The Director of Assessment (1)
  • Chair LA&S Committee (1)
  • CTL Director (1)
  • One Representative from every Academic Department and the Library (16)

2020-2021 Members

  • Jessica Alsup, Exercise & Sports Science
  • Elyse Clark, Earth & Geographic Sciences
  • Lena Ficco, Psychological Science
  • Randy Howe, Communications Media
  • Cate Kaluzny, Institutional Research & Planning
  • Laurie Link, Education
  • John Lohmann, Business Administration
  • Pam McCafferty, Institutional Research & Planning
  • Jessica Robey, Humanities
  • Connie Strittmatter, Library
  • Richard Wiebe, Behavioral Sciences
  • Eric Williams, Biology & Chemistry
  • Hong Yu, Engineering Technology

Meeting Dates