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2010-2012 NEASC Accreditation Subcommittee on Students

Standard 6

  • Laurie DeRosa, Education
  • Robert Dumas, Nursing
  • G.L. Mazard Wallace, Sociology
  • Elizabeth Gordon, Geophysical Science, co-chair
  • Joe Moser, English
  • Ann Mrvica, Communications/Media
  • Kay Reynolds, Director of Admissions
  • Susan Lauder, Athletics
  • Hank Parkinson, Student Activities
  • Tom Rousseau, Assistant Dean of Student Life
  • Kathryn Wells, Library
  • Stan Bucholc, Dean of Student and Academic Life, co-chair
  • Rob Hynes, Assistant Dean of Student Life
  • Nancy McLaughlin
  • Carissa Fucillo, 2013
  • Matt Mello (replacing Paige Dugay, 2014)