2010-2012 NEASC Subcommittee on Library and Resources for Other Info/ Physical and Tech and Financial

Standards 7, 8, 9

  • James Alicata, Industrial Technology
  • Sean Goodlett, Economics, History and Political Science
  • Randy Howe, Communications Media
  • Linda LeBlanc, Library
  • Nadimpalli Mahadev, Computer Science
  • Wayne Munson, Communications Media
  • Audrey Pereira, Business Administration, co-chair
  • Thomas Schoenfeld, Biology/Chemistry
  • Peter Staab, Mathematics
  • Jay Bry, Chief Operations Officer to be replaced by Joe LoBuono
  • Robert Foley, Director of the Library
  • Steve Swartz, CIO, Assistant Vice President, co-chair
  • Heidi Swift, Finance
  • Kathy Daggett, Finance
  • Ann Marie Dunton, Director of Housing – APA to be replaced by Tom Clark, Housing
  • John Wentworth, 2015
  • Nicholas Smith, 2011