Douglas and Isabelle Crocker Center for Civic Engagement

Developing a Future Community

What will a community look like in 20 years? Will a complex supercomputer system be able to create a dynamic model for describing the evolution of our community? Many vital factors aside, including socio-economical changes and technological advancement, education would be an integral component of the equation. 

What will a higher education institution look like in 20 years? Is academic prominence the only viable future? What's the purpose of academic excellence anyway, to serve individuals, to serve the human race, or to serve our community in a bigger sense?

To serve the community is to help the people in it. They will help you in return. In a long-run, you are only helping yourself. As a matter of fact, the ideal development of the society depends on people's behaviors being mutually beneficial. 

Where Are We Going?


Engaged Scholarship

Civic Engagement is a vital component of the University's mission and vision. The success of the University as a higher education institute depends on the community in which it resides. The community impacts us and we have the ability to shape the community.

The University garners both the brain power and practical experiences to become a powerful green force in making our neighborhood a better place. It's essentially the knowledge hub, the innovation laboratory and the training facility for the entire region.  

In return, a prosperous community will provide more social, business, economic and professional opportunities to our faculty and students. Everyone could potentially benefit from the enduring collaboration. 

However, the mutually beneficial results from nurturing a strong relationship between the University and the community through civic engagement are often long-term and not clearly seen. Spreading the awareness of this mission for the university is our first step ...