Human Resources & Payroll Services

The Office of Human Resources and Payroll Services is dedicated to providing our faculty and staff with a work environment conducive to achieving the mission of the university. We strive to offer our employees various benefits and support that will enhance their professional development and ease the stresses that can be associated with balancing work and home life.  Equally important, we operate in a fashion that ensures compliance with university policies, state and federal laws, and applicable collective bargaining agreements. 

Latest News and Information

The university transitioned to a new job site on March 20, 2015. All hiring managers must request an account for the new job site by completing this online form:

Candidates may apply online by visiting 

Candidates who have submitted applications prior to March 20, 2015, who have applied to the university for benefitted and or faculty positions will have their application materials forwarded to the search committee for review. If candidates have questions about their application they may call the Office of Human Resources and Payroll Services at 978-665-3172.

Student positions that remain open for spring will be posted on the site, however, students will be asked to submit a new application for these positions.

We are preparing training for faculty and staff that utilize the career site regularly. A schedule with training dates and times will be sent out shortly, in the meantime please contact us with any questions. We ask that you request your login so we may work with you on this transition.

If there should be any questions please contact the Office of Human Resources and Payroll Services at 978-665-3172.


Open enrollment for health insurance will begin April 8th and end on May 6th.  Employees will receive their election materials through interoffice mail during the first full week of April.