Freshman Applicants

You know you're a freshman when...

  • You are applying directly from high school; or
  • You have no previous college experience after high school; or
  • You are a high school student who has been participating in a dual enrollment program and taking college courses while still in high school

We understand that applying to college can be overwhelming, to help make this process as simple as possible we have included answers to some questions you may have about becoming a Fitchburg State University student.

What are the admissions requirements?

As a state university, the minimum requirements for admission to Fitchburg State are set by the Commonwealth’s Department of Higher Education. Please note that meeting these minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

The chart below outlines which college prep courses are required:

What grade point average (GPA) and SAT or ACT scores are you looking for?

If you meet the 3.00 recalculated GPA requirement, you do not have to use the sliding scale for admission. But, you still have to submit SAT or ACT test scores along with your application. If you are applying three years or more after graduating high school, you do not need to submit SAT/ACT scores.

**Students with under 2.00 are not eligible for admission.

What do you mean by recalculated GPA?

When reviewing a high school transcript, we re-calculate a student’s GPA based on their college prep, honors or AP level courses only. We do not include courses that are based on performance such as physical education, health, music, etc. While these classes are important, we focus on the academic, college prep courses.

When re-calculating a GPA we also give “extra credit” for higher level courses. For example if you received a “B” in an honors course, we would consider this a “B+”. If you received a “B” in an AP or IB course, we would consider it an “A”.

I'm concerned that I do not meet the requirements. Should I still apply?

Any student who has a minimum recalculated GPA of a 2.00 or higher can be considered for admission. If your GPA and SAT/ACT combination doesn’t fit within the sliding scale, we’ll automatically consider you for one of our special admissions programs.

The Summer Bridge Program

Mount Wachusett Institute Program

If you do not have a 2.00 or higher, we cannot accept you as a freshman. We strongly recommend you enroll in another college first and apply as a transfer student after you have earned college-level credits.

If you have any questions, please contact an admissions counselor.

How much does Fitchburg State cost & do you offer financial aid?

Fitchburg State University is very affordable. You can see what our costs are in the chart below. Also, we offer about $38 million in financial assistance to 80% of our students. The financial aid we offer is in two forms; need-based aid and merit aid. For more information, please visit our costs and financial aid page.

2016-2017 COSTS*

In-state tuition $970
Out-of-state tuition $7,050
New England Regional Student Program (NERSP) Tuition** $1,455
Fees for all students $9,183
Average Room & Board $10,200
TOTAL COSTS 2015-2016
In-state (Resident) $20,353
In-state (Commuter) $10,153
Out-of-state (Resident) $26,443
Out-of-state (Commuter) $16,233
Out-of-state (NERSP)** $20,383

**The New England Regional Student Program (NERSP) offers a discount on tuition rates for students who reside in specific New England states and who are studying approved majors as shown in the chart below.*Costs are subject to change

Discounts offered to students living in New England states studying the following programs

VERMONT Earth Systems Science
  Game Design
  Industrial Technology
  Special Education
  Technology Education
NEW HAMPSHIRE Communications Media
  Game Design
  Industrial Technology
  Special Education
  Technology Education
CONNECTICUT Communications Media
  Game Design
RHODE ISLAND Communications Media
  Earth Systems Sciences
  Game Design
  Industrial Technology
MAINE Communications Media
  Technology Education
  Game Design

Everything looks great! How do I schedule a visit to check out the campus?

We would love to have you visit the campus. Many students say once they visit, they can’t imagine going anywhere else.

OK, I'm ready to apply. What do I need to do next?

When applying to Fitchburg State, you’ll need to submit the following:

  • Completed Application
  • Application Fee
  • Official High School Transcript
  • Official SAT/ACT Scores
  • Application Essay
  • Letters of Recommendation (Optional)

If you are applying to Fitchburg State a year or more after you graduated from high school, please submit an explanation of what you have been doing since graduating from high school.

Additional information to help you along the way: