Master of Science in Nursing - Forensic Nursing (Online)

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Degree Overview

The Master of Science in Nursing Degree Program is designed for registered nurses who wish to pursue advanced leadership positions in the community and the health care system. The graduate is prepared to contribute to the development of nursing science, to the improvement of health care, and to pursue doctoral study. The program is offered completely online.

Requirements and Curriculum

A. Core Nursing Courses
NURS 7200 Nursing Theory 3 S.H.
NURS 7300 *Advanced Clinical Concepts 3 S.H.
NURS 7400 Contexts and Roles for Advanced Practice 3 S.H.
NURS 7000 Nursing With Diverse Populations 1 S.H.
Subtotal 10 S.H.
Scholarly Inquiry Requirement
NURS 7700 Nursing Research 3 S.H.
NURS 9100 Research Project 2 S.H.
Subtotal 5 S.H.
B. Required Cognates
NURS 8410 Criminal Law: Substantive and Procedural 3 S.H.
NURS 8500 Forensic Science and Technology 3 S.H.
Subtotal 6 S.H.
C. Required Nursing Courses
NURS 8000 Introduction to Forensic Nursing 3 S.H.
NURS 8130 *Scientific Foundations for Forensic Nursing Interventions 3 S.H.
NURS 8200 *Forensic Nursing: Caring for Victims 3 S.H.
NURS 8300 *Forensic Nursing: Caring for Perpetrators 3 S.H.
NURS 8600 Advanced Pathopharmacology and Epigenetics in Forensic Nursing 3 S.H.
NURS 9500 *Practicum in Forensic Nursing 3 S.H.
Subtotal 18 S.H.
Total for Degree 39 S.H.
* These courses have a clinical component for a total of 420 hours.

Career Opportunities

  • Death investigator
  • Legal Nurse Consultant
  • Medico-legal Investigator
  • Advocate
  • Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE)
  • Forensic Nurse Hospital Based Expert
  • Risk Management Specialist
  • Forensic Mental Health Consultant
The most meaningful period of my academic life was spent in the Forensic Nursing Graduate Program. It was an intellectually challenging and emotionally stimulating experience which allowed me to clarify and achieve my personal aspirations. My faculty were seasoned professionals who took time to know me and my goals. My classmates were insightful and committed to advancing the nursing profession.
–Laura Maquire

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