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Philosophy Minor

The minor in Philosophy explores philosophical inquiry from its beginnings to the present, reviewing the history of ideas and the development of ethical systems.

Philosophy Minor 18 S.H.

The Philosophy Minor requires 18 semester hours divided into three groups. Group One constitutes a sequential core of three topical courses that are mandatory.

Group One (9 credits)

PHIL 1000 Introduction to Western Philosophy or 3 cr.
PHIL 2600 Philosophy of Human Nature 3 cr.
PHIL 1100 Logic 3 cr.
PHIL 2500 Contemporary Ethical Problems 3 cr.

Group Two (3 or more credits)

To complement the sequential core, students must select one of the following courses:

PHIL 2200 Theories of Knowledge 3 cr.
PHIL 2550 Introduction to Ethics 3 cr.
PHIL 3600 Philosophy of Religion 3 cr.
PHIL 4100 Philosophy of Art 3 cr.
PHIL 4200 Political and Social Philosophy 3 cr.
PHIL 4300 Philosophy of Science 3 cr.

Group Three (6 credits)

Students must select two additional Philosophy courses from the catalog at the 2000 level or higher excluding courses listed in Group One.